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What to Expect During an Initial Naturopathic Consultation

During the initial 60 minute consultation, the ND will take a thorough history so that the underlying issues surrounding your condition or concern can be addressed. A physical examination with clothes on (not internal), may occur during the first or second visit and will also aid the physician in determining what areas need attention to best address the health issues that most concern you. The ND will then determine which lifestyle, nutritional, herbal, homeopathic or other type of therapy may best suit your case at which point, a joint decision with you will be made as to how best to proceed. You are the master of your life! Our goal is to teach you as much as possible to help you reach your health goals!

The second visits are 45 minutes in length and will usually be within 2 to 4 weeks of the initial consultation, during which time the ND may ask you to get blood tests or other information gathering as well as start the initial treatment protocol. During the second visit a more fine-tuned plan is usually completed and you will not generally need to return for at least another month. Subsequent follow-ups are usually 30 minutes depending on the individual case.

Items to bring with you to your initial consultation:

  • Bring in any supplements you may be taking along with a list of prescription drugs.
  • Please bring in any recent (within the last year) blood tests, imaging studies and any other laboratory testing that has been done. If you don’t have them already, please ask your MD or other health care provider for a copy of any tests or see if you can create an account with the laboratories themselves and access your own results. This has now become much easier to do for patients to access, download and print their own results. This can easily be done online with Gamma Dynacare and LifeLabs.
  • Your filled in intake form. Please take the effort to do so ahead of your appointment as it does make things go smoother when you are here and helps us make the most out of your consultation time.
  • Please read over the Informed Consent form thoroughly and initial each point. It will need to be signed. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to ask them during your appointment.
  • Bring in any snacks and water as needed, especially for children. As well, it is recommended, to bring in any toys, puzzles, books and games that your child might enjoy to play with during the consultation.

Intake and Consent Forms

Adult/Child/Teen Form

Pediatric Intake Form

Consent Form

Informed Bowen Consent